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May 03 2018


Combatting Copyright Infringements on the Internet

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Original information on the internet is copyrighted just like printed information. The difference is that online information can be stolen, used illegally, or misrepresented in many ways than print can't. There are back links, off-shore hackers, and keywords that can lead to money being lost. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), passed in the U.S. in 1998, provides piracy protection for information on the internet if the source can be found.

A New Approach

Traditionally, a piracy protection provider will discover infringements and request the site be taken down. This process becomes much more complicated when the source is out of the country, well hidden within the website, or has firewalls. The high rate of failure costs individuals and businesses a significant amount of money every year. A new approach to finding and taking down illegal sites has been developed by a company called DMCA takedown czar.

Industry-specific piracy protection for info product vendors has a higher success rate than generic approaches. The strategies required by a music producer, for example, will not be effective for a law firm or online education program. WordPress developers will be infiltrated differently than a photographer's website is hacked. Software developers, authors, personal trainers, life coach services online, and any other creators of original online information have to be protected in a manner that suits the unique needs of their business, nature of information, and website.

How to Get Started?

Exploring piracy protection is as easy as scheduling a consultation to get a free anti-piracy strategy report. That report will include a breakdown of current infringements that are decreasing sales revenues and a detailed analysis of where content is being illegally distributed. A step-by-step action plan to decrease piracy incidents and a service portfolio will also be included along with a custom quote for services.

Original materials, courses, content, music, and photographs take time and skill to create. The thought of someone stealing the information or the sales of that information is unacceptable. Originators should be the only ones enjoying the rewards of all that work. Discover if piracy of information is cutting into your livelihood. Find out if the site is vulnerable, and take action to protect copyrighted information.

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